I am a technology lover and love to code. My Interest Lies In Exploring Gadgets And New Technologies. I write blog posts in techbullish.com.

Wired vs Wireless: Some prefer to stand by wired side and while others with wireless.

You might have used in past many wired keyboards and mouse or even some wireless options.

Reasons Why We Love Wireless Mouse and Keyboards:

Yes, you can also connect your smart tv with wireless keyboard and mouse.

Just think you are able to switch from one connected device to another in a breeze making you more productive than before. …

We browse online and do shopping from e-commerce websites, browse social media, manage cloud storage, pay bills, and many other stuffs. For all our needs, creating an account is essential. After a particular time, remembering too many passwords becomes hectic.

Though now we remember, after some days, we may forget it and have to go through a hassle for resetting the password often.

Password Managers or Password Vault comes to rescue for recovery. Many online companies came out with a solution to effectively solve this common problem that we all face daily. …

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